Hello, I'm Sarah Lyngra


I'm the creator of Teach Piano Online, Yellow Cat Publishing, and Couch to Concert Hall and many other music education products over the years.

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I'll keep it simple with these 7 facts:



1.  I love teaching. My recommended reading list is full of books about how I can become a better teacher. I try new ideas with my students and keep what works and get rid of what doesn't. Couch to Concert Hall definitely works.
2. I've been a piano teacher for over 25 years. 


3. I've been teaching online for 10 years. Initially, the short videos for couch to concert hall were developed to make online lessons easier, especially when live internet lessons had connectivity problems.
4. My son has a funky learning disability. He's now a double bassist going to a music school in Norway. His learning disability got me tapped into how important vision is for learning, which ties directly into learning to play the piano. If you can't SEE your music, reading it is really hard. And, color is more easily processed and remembered than black and white.
5. I take piano lessons too. I think you should always find a teacher who has a teacher. Really good teachers know that there is always something more to learn.
6. I take House Dance lessons online. I'm pretty terrible. Twice a week I am sweating, and hoping that I don't trip over my two feet and fall and break something. This has given me the beginner's mindset. I'm not great now, but I figure in 10 years, it won't matter. I'll still be doing it, which at that point will be enough
7. I live for and through my students. Your success is what keeps me going!

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