Master the Moonlight Sonata

Sample the breakthrough method to learn one of Beethoven's most famous pieces for the piano. Everything you need to be awesome, except the piano!

Give It To Me!

Here’s What’s Inside…

  • Videos for each of measures 60-69 that show you every single note you will play, one at a time
  • Music large enough for you to see and understand every note. 
  • Step by step one measure at a time breakthrough method which has been proven the quickest way to learn the whole piece
  • You get some of the hardest measures first. A little bit at a time so you aren't overwhelmed with too much information at once.
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How long will it take me to learn to play the Moonlight?

You could have the end of this piece under your fingertips in around 2 weeks! None of the videos are more than 3 minutes. You get 9 videos in this trial. Spend 10-15 minutes a day and you'll be thrilled  with how awesome you sound! 


A Note (get it, a note, lol) from Sarah...

“I'm giving away the last measures of the Moonlight Sonata for free because they are often what stops you from learning the whole piece. This way, no matter what, you can finish.   Learning to play one measure at a time, in the comfort and privacy of your own space lets you go at your pace, without judgement. You will amaze yourself with what you are capable of playing!” - Sarah

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