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Why color?

color coded piano music color coded sheet music color in music colored music notes Mar 08, 2021

Music is already hard enough to read, wouldn't it be nice if someone was making it easier?

Color coding notes of piano sheet music makes learning to read music and play the piano so much easier. 

The colors used in Couch to Concert Hall are always the same:

F is blue

C is black (it started as yellow, but yellow half notes on white paper are hard to read)

G is red

D is purple

A is orange

E is green and,

B is brown.

The coloring is based on the name and location on the musical staff, so G sharp is red, while A flat is orange, even though they are the same pitch.

When you start using colored music, you will notice that it is easier to remember, and definitely easier to play when you have notes on the ledger lines.

Happy Playing!

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