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color coded piano music Mar 22, 2021

Playing the piano is much easier than reading the notes. You don't need specialist knowledge to sit at a piano and press a key. You have no control over the tuning, you don't need to carry the instrument, and you don't need to blow into anything. 

You can sit and experiment with sounds to your heart's content and eventually you will make up something that sounds like something special.

However, if you want to read music, you need to develop a specialist knowledge. 

I started coloring and formatting music almost 20 years ago to make reading easier for those who struggled. As I continued, I realized that if color coding makes it easier to play easy music, what about the hard stuff?

Example A is a circled measure from Pagodas from Debussy's Estampes. Example B is the same measure with the same notes and rhythms organized so there is space around the notes. 

Perhaps if you are an experienced reader A would be OK, but for students who want to learn the piece and take a deep dive into every measure, B works really well.

Couch to Concert Hall music is all about the deep dive and understanding every note of everything you do. 

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