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Couch to Concert Hall, Elbphilharmonie

couch to concert hall elbphilharmonie Feb 11, 2021

Couch to Concert Hall, Elbphilharmonie

I grew up in an unusual household. My parents, born in the 30s spent 10 years in Asia in their early marriage, my mom was highly educated, and was inspired to learn to read write and speak Chinese. When we were kids our weekends were often spent in Chinatown in either Seattle or Vancouver, where my mom would take us to restaurants, and wait until we were finished eating before asking the waiter (in Chinese, of course) for forks, water, and white rice.

After I got married, to a Norwegian, we moved to Denmark where we lived for 5 years. My parents would visit us for a while, then go to Paris for 6 months. They continued to go to Paris for 10 years after my husband and I moved to Saudi Arabia.

We lived in Saudi Arabia for close to 15 years, 20 if you consider my husband staying on an extra 5 after Nikolai and I returned to the United States for high school.

Now Nikolai is in Norway going to a music school, and, due to the pandemic, my husband and I consider going downstairs and outing. We're going nowhere.

For most of my adult life, I traveled internationally. Pretty much in every city we visited, there are great concert halls. It doesn't matter what the language or culture of the country, music seems to have crossed all borders. One of the reasons I created Couch to Concert Hall is I wanted to showcase great concert halls throughout the world. The only continent I couldn't (yet) find one is Antartica.

The original artwork was created especially for aspiring performers. So, the view you see is the view of the audience from the stage. Normally it's the other way around.

Many of the featured concert halls are modern. I think this is important because it shows that music is important and valued throughout the world, even today when many people are saying that classical music is losing its audience.

The first concert hall on the list is the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Germany. Named for the river Elbe, and built over a brick warehouse from the 1960s on the bank of the Elbe. It kept the original facade of the warehouse. The grand opening was in 2017.

If you want to learn more about the Elbhpilharmonie, click here.

Couch to Concert Hall gives you an opportunity to dream, imagine, and travel the world virtually.

Where in the world would you like to see a concert?

Perhaps we will meet up for a concert when this is all over.

Happy Playing,

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